My name is Doug. I’m not special.

Nothing about my story is special. And that’s why I’m sharing it.


You see, I grew up with two parents who loved me very much. The problem is that they also both loved to drink. I guess it’s fair to say that they had a love-hate relationship with drinking. They knew it was bad for them and they knew they didn’t handle it well when they drank (there was no such thing as moderation for them), but most of the time, they indulged even in spite of their best judgment. I remember being little and having this really weird sense of compassion for them over it, almost like I somehow understood what they were going through, although maybe that’s because they apologized so frequently when they were drunk.

But the story’s not over, and it gets even more un-special.

As it turns out, I grew up to have the same relationship with alcohol that both of my parents did. After years of battling with undiagnosed depression, I disregarded my lifelong personal ban of alcohol and picked up a bottle to try to numb my pain. It was five years before I put it back down. I ended up spending nearly 6 months in rehab, first focusing on alcohol addiction and then focusing on my chronic depression. I have both under control now, but it’s constant work. The work never stops.

This website is part of that work. It helps me, and I truly hope that it helps anyone who can relate to my story. Like I said, it’s nothing special, and a lot of us know what it’s like to feel hopelessly trapped because of our own mental condition or that of someone else. We have to be there for each other, even if we’ve never met, and that’s what I hope Mentally Fit will help us do.